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Happy Fourth of July and The Mixology Talk Podcast!

happy fourth of july

Hey everyone! I wanted to wish you a happy Fourth of July weekend. Whether you’re floating on a lake, grilling meat or working a double because all of your staff had to have the weekend off, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

We’ll be back next week with more bartender stories and advice, so be sure to stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check me out on the Mixology Talk Podcast with Chris Tunstall in the player below. Chris and his wife Julia run a great podcast that focuses on many aspects of our industry. You should definitely follow them as well for more great advice. It’s really wonderful to see more and more people trying to help our industry.

The episode also features my kitchen bar, which is decorated like a Japanese Izakaya, where I record all of the bumpers for You’re 86. I had a great time talking with a fellow bartender turned podcaster about all aspects of the business. and be sure to check out our previous episodes if you haven’t already. Hope you enjoy! Happy Fourth of July!

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