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Quick and dirty tips for bartenders – Episode 19.5

Your Host in Busan

Don’t go to Korea if you don’t like spicy food and light beer.

Hello again! Another month, and some more quick and dirty tips for bartenders. This time I’m coming to you from Busan, South Korea, so apologies for the poor audio quality. I’m on vacation eating lots of spicy food and drinking lots of light beer, but I wanted to get this recap out to you. Definitely eat everything if you go to Korea, particularly the cold noodles if it’s summer time. Oh, and you should take a vacation. You deserve it!

Anyway, we had a lot of great discussions this month about issues that we face almost daily at our bars. I talked to Simone Mims about awkward guest interactions, Maura Passanisi about the challenges women face in the wine industry, Chris Tunstall from A Bar Above about career movement, and I shared some of my own advice about handling dogs at your bar.  I wanted to hit some of the main points with this recap episode, so you can have a few new tools to help you at your bar or restaurant.

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