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2019 Top 10 tips for bartenders – Episode 27

2019 Top 10 tips for bartendersWow! it’s been a long and crazy year. So much has happened here at You’re 86, and here we are almost into the 20s again! Fortunately we don’t have prohibition this time around.  We’ve covered a lot on the show this year and I wanted to give you my 2019 top 10 tips for bartenders.

These are my favorite bits of knowledge from all of the interviews this past year. They are things that have definitely helped me, and I hope they help you too. Listen to the episode in the player or wherever podcasts are found. Be sure to share with your friends in the industry too. Read on after the break for the list of my top 10 tips for bartenders.

2019 top 10 tips for bartenders

1 – From Episode 0: One of the easiest ways to spot a counterfeit bill is by looking for the vertical security thread. All US currency notes of denominations of $5 or higher, printed after the early 90s will have this thread. You’ll spot it easily when you hold the bill up to light. I recommend using the light of your POS screen to discreetly check out the bill.

2 – From Episode 2: Nurse Andrew Campbell advised, when you cut yourself, rinse the cut with water and apply pressure with clean gauze. If necessary, wash the area around the cut with soap and water. Putting soap, rubbing alcohol or anything else in the cut itself can actually cause more damage.

3 – From Episode 4: Beverage Director Andrew Meltzer recommended, when you have to cut someone off, plan ahead, be clear and offer alternatives. Use it as an opportunity to provide further hospitality.

4 – From Episode 5: Founder of Jigger and Dash Tanya Clark suggested finding the type of exercise that is right for you and that you’re excited about. If you don’t like running, no one is making you go running. There’s something out there for you.

5 – From Episode 10: Beverage Director Enoch Tonatiuh recommended taking a vacation after opening a new bar. As soon as the dust settles and your operation starts to get into a groove, take a few days off for yourself. Opening a new bar is both exhilarating and incredibly stressful.

6 – From Episode 12: Mark Goodwin of The Pin Project had so much to say about our relationship with alcohol as bartenders. One of his recommendations for those times when you’re offered a shot but don’t want to take one is to take a shot of grapefruit juice instead. Not only will the sugar in the juice help appease the part of your brain that wants alcohol, you’ll still be taking part in the ritual of taking a shot with friends.

7 – From Episode 17: Hannah Chamberlain of Spirited LA stressed the importance of greeting every guest that walks in. Prepare a greeting that works for you and your bar and use it every time anyone walks in.

8 – From Episode 18: Joanna Lioce, long-time bartender at Vesuvio Cafe, has had to kick out a lot of drunken guests in her tenure there. She recommends not making it personal and not taking it personally when you have to eject a misbehaving patron.

9 – From Episode 21: Saving money can be difficult when you work in the industry, but personal finance expert Sarah Brady says the easiest way to save money is to make the process automatic. With your bank, set up an automatic transfer of part of your paycheck to a savings account every month. Choose whatever amount works for you.

10 – From Episodes 23 and 26: Both Keli Rivers and Rebecca Hopkins recommended the best way to not get to drunk at industry events is to not finish your drink. Take a sip and then casually leave it somewhere.

There you have it, my 2019 top 10 tips for bartenders. Thanks so much for listening and stay tuned for more great advice in 2020! Be sure to visit our home page for all of our previous episodes and much more. New episodes every week, so don’t forget to hit subscribe.  Happy holidays and happy new year! I’ll see you next time.

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