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Staying positive during service – Ep31 With Hubert Tang

Staying positive during service

Hubert TangHospitality is our number one job. It is literally the name of our industry, but it’s often hard to be hospitable when you have other challenges going on in your life. Difficult customers, trouble with family or partners or simply being exhausted from work all make staying positive during service a big challenge. With a few good mental tools, however, we can learn to stay positive with our customers no matter what is going on in our lives.

My guest today is Hubert Tang. He has been in the industry his entire life, as his parents worked and owned restaurants, so he really understands the industry. Him and I currently work together at High Treason where we recorded this interview, and he is exceptionally good at staying positive and hospitable to customers no matter what’s going on.

Check out my interview with Hubert in the player or wherever podcasts are found, and hear what he had to say about staying positive during service. Visit our homepage for more and be sure to hit subscribe in your favorite podcast player, we have new conversations every week. And please share us with your friends and colleagues in the industry. This is such great information for everyone. I’ll see you next time.

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