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Tips for COVID-era hospitality – Ep38.5

Tips for COVID era hospitalityHello again! I wanted to do another short recap with some tips for COVID-era hospitality. I hope you are all faring well through these challenging and weird times. It has been around three months since this all started to directly affect our industry, and things just keep getting weirder. Extended quarantine orders, protests and violence, murder hornets—It’s all just a lot to deal with right now and I don’t think anyone is really thriving. That’s ok though, just remember to take a few moments to pause and breath, and check in with yourself about what you need. It’s also ok to ask for help sometimes, we can’t do this alone. Fortunately we have an amazing community of helpful people in the hospitality industry.

We are realizing new challenges and problems resulting from this world crisis day by day, and we are also coming up with new and creative solutions. Some of the biggest challenges are related to uncertainty of the situation, constant change, struggles with motivation and not knowing what to do next. If you haven’t checked out the most recent episodes, they deal with those very topics, so definitely go back and listen if you have a chance. In the meantime, you can check out this recap of the main points in the player or wherever you get your podcasts.

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