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by Justyn Myers

Episode 20: More mental tools for your well

Episode 19: Compassion for a calmer mind

Episode 18: Kicking people out tonight and forever – With Joanna Lioce

Episode 17: What your customers really think – With Hannah Chamberlain

Episode 16.5: Awkward interactions, women in wine, career movement, dogs and Korean beer

Episode 16: What to do with service dogs and non-service dogs

Episode 15: What’s next? Career movement for bartenders – With Chris Tunstall

Episode 14: The challenges women face in the wine industry – With Maura Passanisi

Episode 13: How to handle awkward guest interactions – With Simone Mims

Episode 12.5: Harassment, new bars, annoying customers, sobriety and godello

Episode 12: Our complicated relationship with booze – With Mark Goodwin

Episode 11: About your host and dealing with annoying customers

Episode 10: Working at brand new bars – With Enoch Tonatiuh

Episode 9: When customers hit on you – With Celia Camacho

Episode 8.5: Wellness, inspiration, empathy and opening a bar

Episode 8: So you want to open your own bar – With Simi Grewal

Episode 7: Empathy and service – With Todd Carnam

Episode 6: Staying creative and inspired – With Suzu

Episode 5: Staying healthy and being well – With Tanya Clark

Episode 4.5: What have we learned so far? Counterfeits, injuries, violence, cutting people off

Episode 4: You’ve had enough for tonight – With Andrew Meltzer

Episode 3: Living with rape and violence at the bar – With Nate Olson

Episode 2: Ouch! Bar injuries and how to fix them – With Julie Kunz and Andrew Campbell

Episode 1: I Want to speak to the manager! With James Butler

Episode 0: Welcome! Plus the dos and don’ts of counterfeit money